Alex Legend



Raised in the suburb of Paris, France, Alex Legend moved to LA 10 years ago as a professional musician. It wasn’t until 2015 that Alex Legend decided to embrace his Frenchness and add pornstar to his resume.

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Lap Dance

Starring Amia Miley and Alex Legend

Would you live as an unemployed broke guy dependent on your stripper girlfriend if she used you as a test drive for what she's going to do to her boss at the club later? You would if your girlfriend was Amia Miley. But she isn't. Fortunately, you can still live out your fantasy of being a broke guy with a huge dick who gets to fuck her today.

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Inside a Porn Movie

Starring Olive Glass, Natasha Nice, Jay Smooth, Tana Lea and Alex Legend

When Olive Glass convinces her friends to break into a porn director neighbor's house and film an orgy, Natasha Nice, Jay Smooth, Tana Lea and Alex Legend will have to show us what they've got to audition for this unseen neighbor.

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Pornstar Director

Starring Judy Jolie and Alex Legend

Beautiful Judy Jolie surprises her boyfriend Alex Legend with an unexpected gift that she won. Vacation? Dinner? No, she won a set of vr cameras and wants to make a hot sex tape in their backyard.

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