Amia Miley

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Imagine the smallest, most petite girl ever, and then imagine she’s got the biggest attitude when it comes to being a spoiled bitch who gets what she wants. You’ve just imagined the one and only Amia Miley. We’re sure Amia is a sweet girl when she wants to be, but who wants sweet when we can get downright nasty?

Amia nails it as the cute but rude slut who will cut a man down to size even while he’s pummeling her extremely tight pussy. She can do that pouty-faced mean girl so well when she’s waiting for her cock to please her that you just want to make that mouth smile by stuffing it. After her railings, you can see the distorted bliss on Amia’s face, covered in cum and dreaminess.

If that description doesn’t sell you, maybe you should strap on your VR headset and view her debut RonJeremyVR virtual-reality porn movie titled, “Lap Dance”, to see for yourself. Guarantee you’ll be returning to RonJeremyVR for more premium VR porn.

Lap Dance STARRING: Amia Miley and Alex Legend
Would you live as an unemployed broke guy dependent on your stripper girlfriend if she used you as a test drive for what she's going to do to her boss at the club later? You would if your girlfriend was Amia Miley. But she isn't. Fortunately, you can still live out your fantasy of being a broke guy with a huge dick who gets to fuck her today.

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