Logan Long



Don’t let Logan Long’s “An Ordinary Love” tattoo fool you. There’s nothing ordinary about this All-American hunk! Towering above his XXX co-stars at 6’0″, his fit sculpted bod is tall and lanky as can be. But Logan Long earns his stage name best when he drops trou, unleashing an extra long shlong!

Equipped with that mighty cock, this handsome fellow can hit g-spots like bullseyes, and he has sexy babes across USA clamoring to get under the sheets with him. Despite playing a smooth Casanova, his nerd glasses blow his cover off-set. A secret dork with a soft spot for action flicks, British paperbacks, and hipster craft beers, he leads a more chilled-out life than his hot-as-hell career suggests! Still a newcomer in LA’s Porn Valley, Logan Long’s deep growly voice, signature eyebrow arch, and his pussy-plowing prowess have already set him apart from the throngs.

Checkout Logan Long’s debut RonJeremyVR virtual-reality porn movie titled, “Photo Equipment”. Guarantee you’ll be returning to RonJeremyVR for more premium VR porn.

Photo Equipment STARRING: Davina Davis, Katrina Jade, and Logan Long
Sexy Davina Davis & Katrina Jade share Logan Long's cock. Long is doing a photo shoot for Davis, but as it happens sometimes he gets turned on while shooting his models. Trying to be professional, Long goes to fuck his girlfriend Katrina Jade instead. Davis gets turned on as well during the photo shoot, and joins the fun! This three some action will definitely get a like from Ted Cruz!

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