Tana Lea



The fiery redhead Tana Lea was born on March 9, 1988, in Austin, Texas, but grew up in Caldwell, Texas. At the age of fifteen, she had sex for the first time. Tana was always a promiscuous girl and has slept with around 300-400 people in her entire life. Being an Instagram model in Los Angeles helped her meet a lot of people. She got paid by Flashlight to go to the AVN Awards for them; there she met Nicole Aniston and Tanya Tate who befriended her and sort of helped her learn more about the actual porn industry where she could be able to film films and not simply got to events or pose nude.

In 2015, Tana started shooting featured adult films for professional studios (she was twenty-seven-years old).Within two years this bad girl has shot numerous scenes in genres such as interracial, hardcore, POV, big boobs, amateur and so on. Tattooed, tall and very dominant, Tana has stated that people either love her or cannot stand her, there is nothing in between.

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Inside a Porn Movie

Starring Olive Glass, Natasha Nice, Jay Smooth, Tana Lea and Alex Legend

When Olive Glass convinces her friends to break into a porn director neighbor's house and film an orgy, Natasha Nice, Jay Smooth, Tana Lea and Alex Legend will have to show us what they've got to audition for this unseen neighbor.

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